Posted by: me | January 31, 2010

We warmly welcome you to this website

Our prayer is that the Lord will bless you as we share with you the good things He is doing among us.
At Hope Restoration Ministries we believe that God has a destiny for every person – a great and wonderful purpose for you to fulfil in your life. It begins with getting to know God through His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Once your life is safely in His hands you can discover the purpose and begin to bring it to fulfillment through His strength and power.

Find Your Purpose in Life

The goal of this website is for you to have an insight into the life and ministry of Hope Restoration Ministries. More than that, we want you to taste something of that life and ministry for yourself so that you can begin to minister to others. Serving God and other people is the greatest purpose that anyone can find for their life.
Hundreds of people are discovering the joy of loving and serving God in a community of like-minded people. This happens not only in our celebration services in the Hope Restoration building on Sundays, but also in the week day cell meetings in homes, cafes, schools and places of work.

Reaching from Kempton Park into South Africa

Hope Restoration Ministries is a large, vibrant and growing community of people from over 10 nations and many Tribes meeting in (cell groups) and in our Church in Kempton Park (celebration services).

We are working, in partnership with believers from every denomination to see Kempton Park, South Africa and the World won for Christ. These are exciting days of Christian expansion as the world wide church is rapidly growing. Our belief is that we will also see expansion of the Christian Church in our day in South Africa. There are many lively, fast growing churches in South Africa and our prayer is that many more will join in the move of God that is touching our continent.

The conviction of a Charismatic/Evangelical Christian, as well as all those who follow the New Testament example, is that the Holy Spirit makes a difference in our lives. This is what enables our Christian faith to be practical, relevant and lively. We pray that the Holy Spirit will touch your life and refresh you in your knowledge and experience of Jesus Christ.

May God bless you!